Small Town Restaurant

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Karen is an owner of a small restaurant. Even though the restaurant is small, they are really famous for their kitchen, known as one of the best kitchens in the town. Karen always likes to give the best for her costumers and that’s why she is so dedicated in her work. However, the labor pays off because Karen’s place it never empty.It seems that Karen’s restaurant is known even outside the borders of her small town. Namely, a group of tourists has scheduled a visit in her restaurant. They were passing through the town and found out from the inhabitants of the town that Karen has the best kitchen around so it was easy for them to decide, to have their meal there. That means that Karen will have more work to do for today so she invited her assistants Sandra and David to help her with her everyday responsibilities.You can easily realize that Karen has a lot of work that needs to be done, so she would need our help too. Let’s see what Karen asks from us and make sure everything is just right for the costumers.

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