Map of Gold

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Jane, Bradley and Kayla always wanted to visit their grandfather\'s old house. They find this house very mystic because it seems like it belongs to some other era. Is not that the house is that old but it is definitely designed and decorated differently from the house today.Those three really enjoy searching through their grandfather\'s house and today they actually had an important discovery. Namely, they found a map that tells where is the place where is hidden the gold found by the first gold diggers in their land. Actually the story about this gold is one of the most mysterious legends in the area where Jane lives, so she became really excited once she found the map.Jane, Bradley and Kayla are hoping that thanks to this map they will find the gold and prove that the story about the gold that was found by the first gold diggers in the area is not just a legend but actual truth. This will definitely be an interesting journey so let\'s help them find the gold and solve the mystery about the first gold diggers.

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