Secret Kingdom

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Every kingdom has its\' own secret. Some mystery must lie ahead of their existence. Scandals, mysteries, adventures, it is almost no matter what country we are talking about, some problem with the fight of who will lead the kingdom, people, who will be remembered by the world history.Imagine that every human being, even the ordinary carpenter knows the secrets of the kingdom he lives. Than, one king or queen would be just an ordinary person, no one will respect them and give them the authority.In this game we introduce you to one brave lady whose mission is to help her king. The brave lady knight Grace arrives on the secret bolt-hole of the king which is something that only the closest people of his highness know. Her job is to find the six royal seals and to take them to the king.These seals are very important because that is what makes them relevant and with great value. Without them, this king will no longer have the power to lead the people and to be important person in their everyday life.

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