Paranormal Companion

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It is not fair to discriminate people, that is something we all know, but sometimes our friends can be a little bit strange… or very, very strange! At least, that is the case with Ryan and his daughter. This night, they have a rather unusual companion – the ghost Brenda. Yes, you heard well.It is about a ghost that has come into their house, to ask a favor from them. This ghost believes that Ryan and his daughter will help her complete her unfinished job, so she could go step into the other side, without any boundaries.The ghost Brenda has asked from Ryan and Anna, to go into the house where she lived and look for some objects. This house is now just an abandoned scary place where no one comes, but it seems that this brave father and daughter are brave enough to help the wandering ghost. They will enter into the house in order to find Brenda’s personal stuff.We are here to help Ryan and Anna find the objects, but also to help the ghost Brenda get calm once for all. Let’s see what we can do, to help them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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