Ruins of Neferkara

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What about some mystery for a change? The one and only civilization of Egypt is once again very interesting for us, and we hope, for you too. You can spend whole life exploring for this culture and still not to achieve in learning everything about it. Egyptologists are dedicated into this extremely rich culture that admires generations and generations. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how the pyramids were made, how people the kings and pharaohs were engraved... And in the 21 Century we all ask our selves how could people so many centuries ago be so smart, so crafted and had so little technology to help them.Egypt would probably never be all discovered. That is why it is so interesting for scientists. It is the same case with the leading guy in our new game for today.Adrian is a an adventurous guy and very dedicated historian. He has studies a lot of years the secrets of this civilization and now he is in front of one very important mission. He went to Egypt to explore the ruins in the unexplored part of Egypt, Neferkara. He is about to make a big discovery. You would love to be part of this discovery, won\'t you?

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