Ancient Discovery

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People who love history and discovering the layers of cultural heritage of different cultures and kingdoms, they love to read about great archaeological discoveries. People finish such schools wanting to work as professional archaeologists and historians of art, so they can answer big questions. And, can you imagine the joy that such person feels when a new finding, a new thing is in front of his/her eyes? They are like small children, happy to gain a new toy!The more variable the nature is, the more there is to be researched. And that is a great challenge for the best experts. And maybe the best discoveries are those when some hidden tribe is accidentally found somewhere in the woods, somewhere far from the eyes of the civilization.Ryan, Sharon and Cynthia are team of archaeologists and adventurers. They have just finished their biggest discovery so far. It was deep in the Amazon woods. They found livings of a tribe so far unknown, the one that has lived few thousands years ago. It is supposed that actually this tribe is the missing piece of the creation of today nations that live at the same place. It is about time that the investigation begins.

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