Circus Of Immortals

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The acrobat Emily and the magician Steven were part of a circus. This circus was loved by everyone and visited by numerous kids, but something happened that drove away all visitors.The two circus performers are coming back to their circus exactly after one year. All this time they couldn\'t accept the fact that their circus has become a habitat for ghosts. Yes, you heard right! In the past, this place was full of laugh and happiness, but today, no one even thinks about going there. Emily and Steven would like to bring back the old shine of the place. The circus was their home, the place where they feel safe and a place where they could show everything they know. The circus stage was a place where they have spent a great part of their lives. They feel lost without that place, so they are willing to do everything they can, to bring it back.Let\'s see what we can do in this situation and help the circus performers bring back their circus. That will also bring back the happy kids in the circus and bring general joy for everyone that will come there.

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