Behind the Truth

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A new day and a new case for the detectives at the police station. They love their work, but every day they wake up with the thought to face fewer criminals the following day. Not because they are tired of work or they don\'t love their job, but because they wish to be less criminal on the streets. This time, the two detectives Amanda and Samuel, together with their team, are starting to explore a new case. It is about the attempted murder of one of the most influential businessmen in their country. The man who tried to kill him is now in custody, but the reason for that is still not known. The detectives are trying to find out the motives of the murderer, but for that, they will have to take a look at the whole situation. They will also have to look at the evidence and see if they will find something important. Let\'s start investigating together with the detectives and try to make things clear. Maybe the investigation won\'t be that easy, but we are sure that we will manage to find out the real truth behind this crime.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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