Old Village House

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Eric doesn’t have much until his retirement. Since he knows that very soon, he will have one responsibility less, he thinks what will he do in future. This man has spent the biggest part of his life in the city, together with his wife and the kids but now he thinks about something completely different. Namely, during that whole time Eric was always thinking about the place where he was born and he was born in a village.That means that his life was very different when he was a child but now, he is imagining often to go back to that life. As the days for retirement come closer, Eric thinks about moving to that same village and completely changing his lifestyle.However, even though Eric was dreaming about coming back in his village all these years, that doesn’t mean that he will be able to leave his current place of living that easy. People simply change habits and things also change so maybe the village is not same as it was years ago... Let’s see how will this romantic consideration end up and what will Eric choose for his future, after the retirement.

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