Lost Property

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Did you lose something on the train or at the train station? Yep, it happens. We are sometimes in a hurry, distracted it simply our minds wander someplace else. It\'s an unpleasant experience to forget or even lose something at a station or on a train. Especially when it happens abroad. What do you think are the most common items that wind up in the lost and found box? Who finds them and how do you get your property back?Nicole is one of the people who are glad to assist us in finding it again. She is employed at the city railway station as a person in charge of finding the lost and forgotten items of passengers. Every day after the arrival of the train and departure of the passengers, she has a task to inspect each compartment in detail to find the forgotten objects of the passengers.Do you ever wonder what happens to all those items that don\'t seem to find their way home at the last train stop? Let\'s check all the passenger cars together with Nicole and find out.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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