Sheriffs Curse

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The cowgirl Lori comes back to the place where she was born. It is about a small and nice city, but after the sheriff\'s death, some strange things started happening there, like the place was cursed. And it was cursed. Namely, the sheriff put a spell on the city before he dies and after that, only accidents happen in Lori\'s city. Those accidents are terrible, and they made the citizens move out of it. The city doesn\'t look like it looked before anymore, so Lori is desperate to do something about it. And since we are dealing with curses from late people, that means that we are dealing with paranormal things. Lori has a task to find the sheriff\'s ghost and try to break the spell once and for all. This girl doesn\'t know exactly what she is getting into, but she knows that she likes to turn her city back to what it was before - a nice and safe place. She hopes that it will bring back all the people who moved out of there.Let\'s see what is going on in Lori\'s city and try to help her in her mission.

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