Isle of the Blessed

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It is like that everywhere, if certain conditions are fulfilled, the things could function perfectly, without any possible obstacle, giving general well-being. If you do good, you will get good; if you live a life without stress, you will be healthier and live a better life; if you act good with the people that are around you, you will all live in a proper harmony and so on.It goes the same for the Gods that live on the Isle of the Blessed. Yes, you heard right, the Gods, so now you will see what maintains the harmony of the Gods that live in this particular island. Sophia and her father Benjamin are keepers of the Isle of the Blessed.Here on this island are located the habitats of their Gods so Sophia and her father are in charge for keeping safe the valuable objects and keeping the harmony of the island. If all of that functions as it should, the good forces will be able to function as well. The keepers have to make everything function perfectly and for their job they receive an appropriate reward from the Gods.

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