Witches Pond

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Dorothy, Ashley and Amanda are three citizens of the big pond. This evening is very important for them and can you guess why? They decided that is about time to put an end to the governing of the evil witch Mellisa.
They want to find out all the needed objects that could help them to fight the witch.
Knowing well Mellisa's character, they know.that they can cheat on her with few golden coins that they will have to find as well.
They say you can't buy everything with money, but actually you can buy a lot. Even though there are people who won't give up and no money could buy them, if you have a good persuading skills you will convince someone to do what's needed.
It is good that Melissa is known as very greedy person and she could fall for good gold coins. Now it's up to you to help these three characters with problems and solve the situation. Melissa should certainly go down.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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