Outlaws and Oddities

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Yes, the Wild West has always been a place that can be a bit tricky to live in. Why? Because it is often the target of all kinds of criminal gangs, various confrontations take place there often. The sheriff is in charge there, and he tries with all his might to bring order, but it is not always so easy to do that. Criminals are guided by some rules of their own, and they solve things according to them. Cowboy Mark and his wife Emma, together with their friends, come to the city where one of the most notorious gangs in the Wild West is located. They are here with one unique goal - to track down the criminals and sabotage their activities. By doing so, they will put an end to their rampages among the peaceful towns and the prairie. You can conclude that the actions Mark, Emma, and their friends will take are critical to the safety of this place. If they manage to complete their mission, these prairie towns will be able to come back to life peacefully, much to the delight of all the residents.

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