Final Toast

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The new year started with new stress for detective Janice. Yes, that is her job, she works something that only a few people dare to do, but she would be happier if there are fewer crimes around her. Bringing justice and taking care of everything, to be righteous and peaceful, is her main concern. And she is always for prevention, rather them solving criminal cases. Detective Janice has been sent to a local coffee bar, to solve a case that happened on New Year\'s Eve. A local girl named Alice was celebrating New Year in that coffee bar, but suddenly she was found dead. There are no obvious pieces of evidence that could say that it is about a murder, but Janice doesn\'t believe that it was an accident. She likes to consider every aspect of the girl\'s death, to search the bar and investigate everything related to the girl, to find out the actual truth. This is a very serious and sad case that has shaken everyone that lives in that place, but also it has shaken the general public. The death of a young girl is something that terrifies everyone, so let\'s help Janice in her search.

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