Wizard Disciples

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One of the most magical films in the world are those for children and the grownups - those that we watch together, happy and excited to get closer to the magical stories of characters as Harry Potter, the good villains, the stories of the lord of the rings. That is magic. We are reasonable creatures who know that that is fiction story, but we enjoy what we see on the big screen and we expect impatiently for the next sequel.What are sorcerers and wizards without their disciples, without the people they learn from. And students must always outgo their masters, that is the proof that they we good disciples. Such story we find in todays\' game. Being good teacher isn\'t an easy task. But, a teacher must be here for his student all the time. Those teachers can\'t be forgiven.Sorcerer Hobus and the sorceress Pofora are the principle teachers in the school of the big wizard Dobeus. They are together with a group of followers of the great sorcerer and they should help them to finish the given tasks. So, it is time for some magic that we know you will enjoy!

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