Ghost Thief

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There can be everything in the criminal cases. The criminal minds are so twisted, that is sometimes very hard to predict their next step, making it hard for the police to solve those cases. However, the professionals know their job very good and they know that maybe not right away, but after some period of time, everyone will get what he or she deserves.Paul, Steven and Margaret are detectives who work on a very unusual case. Namely, few people that live in their city have reported about a presence of a ghost that comes to their house and robs them.The officers were following the available evidences and the traces, so they got to one small apartment in the center of the city. Let’s see what is it about. Is it about a real ghost or someone likes to be seen like a ghost because he believes that that way, he will be more protected? Maybe he thinks that people will be scared of him if he presents himself as a ghost? But let’s stop the speculations and try to find out the truth behind those ghost stories.

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