Big Lies

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Greed is something terrible but in some people it can grow so big that can make them want take away something that belongs to other people. They use every chance \'to get the biggest part\' out of everything, without paying any attentions whether they deserve it or not. Barbara and Paul are sister and brother. Their grandfather has passed away and they are the only accentors of the property that belonged to him. He lived in a house and now this house is theirs. And when everything seemed clear, it appeared that the grandfather\'s neighbor who lives in the house right next to the house of the grandfather, has somehow cheated the law and managed to do something illegal in order to get the whole property that legally should belong to the grandchildren.Barbara and Paul came at the place, to face the neighbor, to bring justice and prove that he is lying about everything. Let\'s think like lawyers and try to find what should the sister and brother do next; what is necessary to get what actually belongs to them.

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