Coming Home

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Paul is on a business trip. His job is like that; he has to travel very often on many different places. But tomorrow is not just a regular day for Paul, but a very important day. Tomorrow is Father\'s day, a day that means a lot for him and his family. That\'s why he will do everything he can, to be home on time to celebrate this special day as every year.The proud father arrives at the airport willing to catch the last flight for home. He did everything he can to be there on time. However, it is not every time as we will like to be. Yes, he is on the airport but there is a terrible mess with the baggage and part of his personal belongings, including the presents he has bought for his children.The personal belongings and their presents are actually lost somewhere on the airport and he is desperate to find them. He doesn\'t know what to do, where to search or so, but he knows that he has to be home on time. No let\'s be kind and let\'s help Paul find the presents together with the other objects and bring them home.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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