Mysterious Daughter

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There has been a robbery in the house of an older lady, named Betty. Unfortunately, the homes of the older ladies who live alone are often targets of criminals. The criminals find them more vulnerable and helpless in those situations, so they choose to enter into their homes and take away something that doesn’t belong them…But this case of a robbery was rather specific in its nature. Namely, the two detectives Karen and Mark are set to investigate this robbery and it seems that it all started` with an unexpected visit to Betty’s home. A few days ago, a young girl came in front of Betty’s house, claiming that she is her daughter.Supposedly, Betty left this girl in an orphanage because she couldn’t take care of her. Karen and Mark like to find out who is this mysterious girl that seem to be the only suspect in the robbery. Let’s explore the mystery about this girl and find out if her claims were true, but also to find out if she was the person responsible for the robbery of the house of the old lady.

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