Dark Land

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Christopher has been living in one village his whole life. Maybe it is not the best place in the world, but everything he has is in this village. That\'s the reason why he felt desperate when he realized that his village has started vanishing. Responsible for that are the dark forces that live in the Dark Land. And the Dark Land is a land that is located near the village. Obviously, that land influences Christopher\'s village, and he is one of those who have decided to take things into their own hands and try to solve the problems. Christopher is companied by his niece on his way for finding a way how to save their village. The other people, who live in the village, are also here with them, to help them in this dangerous mission. Let\'s see how they will deal with the dark forces and try to find a way to help them save their village. That is the place where they have grown up, the place where they live, so none of those dark forces should be able to drive them out of there.

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