Midnight Search

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When something is done that threatens the king, things can take a really serious turn. Stealing something that belongs to him can result in the greatest possible punishment for the perpetrator because we all know that it takes a lot of arrogance to do such a thing. And yet, some people do such things, no matter what. Larry, the vampire, is in great trouble, and somehow, he doesn\'t know how to deal with this unfortunate situation. Namely, the king found out that several of his valuables, including the royal rings of immense value, were in the vampire\'s castle. The king ordered that all valuables be returned to him, as soon as possible. Otherwise, Larry would be banished from his estate. Let\'s see what happens with Larry, the vampire if all those items are there, and see whose side we\'ll be on. It probably depends on whether the vampire is guilty, or not, but either way, action must be taken now because the king is really angry…

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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