The Darkest Magic

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Amanda, Margaret and Dorothy are known as one of the best sorceresses around. Their power is big and they also know so much about magic. However, there is one more thing that makes other wizards jealous and envious of them – the fact that they are actually immortal. It seems that the evil magician named Christopher is the one that is most jealous of them since he is the one that has a plan how to harm the good sorceresses.The evil magician Christopher plans to make the darkest magic in the world and make Amanda, Margaret and Dorothy mortal. He plans to take away their immortality, but at the same time he likes to decrease their powers. But still, the three sorceresses are aware of Christopher\'s plans so they arrive in his house where they will look for the ingredients collected by the magicians.Those are the ingredients he plans to use for destroying them, but the girls are smart enough to reveal Christopher\'s plan and destroy the ingredients before everything starts. Let\'s help Amanda, Margaret and Dorothy in their intention because Christopher could come any moment from now.

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