Sunday Crime

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Do you think that there is a perfect time for committing a crime?! Well, there probably is because there are many crimes performed perfectly, giving the police a hard job to solve them. If we think for a bit, it is probably about the time when people are usually not at home. The houses are usually empty on holidays, on weekends, maybe in the no one when people usually go at work…Thinking in that direction, Sunday afternoon is probably one of the best options for making a perfect crime. Detective Tyler is working on a case of a crime done exactly on Sunday afternoon. He is on his working place now, with a task to find out the objects stolen from the house of the collector Patrick. Someone has taken advantage from the silence of the Sunday afternoon, when most of the people are out of the town, and sneak into Patrick\'s house.According to the traces, it seems that the criminal didn\'t have any problem stealing those valuable objects. Now the great detective is doing his best in order to solve the case, collecting evidences and relating things, just to find who is responsible for this robbery.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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