Fortune Tellers Quest

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Fortune tellers are people with special abilities to see the future. And while some people believe in them, believe in their abilities and take advice from them before making important decisions, others consider them as charlatans, like someone who likes to take advantage of other people\'s problems. In the following game we have a situation that involves the young girl named Julie in one special quest. Namely, one famous fortune teller gave this young girl and the leprechaun Adam a task to do something. It is about some magical objects that are hidden in the magical property, deep in the woods. The fortune teller needs these objects for his work. You may notice that this is a very responsible task but Julie and the leprechaun will get a proper price for their efforts. The fortune teller has promised them that he will award them with valuable golden coins, if they manage to find the magical objects. Let\'s see what is going on there, in this magical property deep in the woods and help Julie and Adam for this quest.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Adventure Hidden Objects



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