Snowy Morning

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Lori is a small girl and like every little girl she loves the New Year\'s holidays most. She is simply enchanted by the lights, the decorations, the New Year\'s trees and the stories about Santa Claus so she waits for those days the whole year.This time Lori has decided to make a surprise for her closest ones, by buying them presents. She really has a lot of friends and relatives and she has prepared something for all of them. They are together on a winter holiday in one ski center. Her intention was to surprise them so she has hidden numerous presents all around the ski center. She likes everyone to be surprised by finding his present but somehow she has lost the control over them! At this moment she doesn\'t know where those presents are!Let\'s help Lori find the presents and complete her New Year\'s intention. If we take part in this whole adventure and find the hidden presents, Lori will be very happy and we will help her organize the perfect New Year.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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