Western Revenge

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When a person becomes a victim of a certain injustice, he or she, sometimes becomes mad about it and willing to take a revenge by doing something evil to the person that made that injustice. Sometimes those people become quiet and turn to themselves, trying to ignore the feeling and to continue functioning as before.However, in both cases the fact is that this is something no one of us wants to be involved in because no one wants and doesn\'t deserve to be a victim, in any sense. John and his sisters Pamela and Judith, have been robbed one week ago, by one of the most terrible gangs that go wild everywhere around the Wild West. Those robbers seem to be unstoppable but at the same time very despicable since they have managed to enter and rob numerous places, doing harm to numerous people.Still, John and his sisters don\'t like to forget what happen to them. they like to take the justice in their own hands so they go in search for the stolen golden coins and all the other objects that were taken from them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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