Mystery Mistress

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The millionaire William collapsed and fell in his home, after spending the night with a mysterious woman. It is suspected that he has been poisoned right in his own house in Europe. The poison already affected his whole body when he was found, but luckily he survived. Now he is in a very critical condition.This is a really unusual case where there is cause for very serious concern. Initially, toxicology testing led the police to conclude that the death had not been suspicious, but more recent testing called that initial conclusion into question. His family is afraid that the mysterious woman is behind this attempt of murder. They are very wealthy, so they called the best detectives to come to Europe to solve this mysterious case.Detectives Sandra, Kimberly and Steven are the best in their field in the world. Today they arrive in Europe to find out what happened and who is behind this attempt of murder. It is up to you to lead the detectives to all the hidden clues and help them solve a vital piece of the puzzle.

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