Warning Doubt

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It seems that someone is playing with a very vulnerable group of people – children. There have been few false threats about bombs in the local school and those threats have shaken the children, but also, they have frightened the teachers who are responsible for those children.Actually, this is the third time this month as they receive those false threats and the parents, together with the students, are thinking about a solution for this situation. Calling the police is the first step so the policeman Denise and Roy are already in the school. They have a task to find out who sends false threats about a bomb so they start by a complete evacuation of the school.And they just did it, when they received an anonymous call. Denise and Roy received an anonymous message and someone told them to stop investigating the case. However, this threat is even a bigger motive for the police professionals to find out the suspect and put an end to this situation that could become a huge tragedy if they don’t take the right step.

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