Emilys Bakery

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Our today\'s character has a very nice profession and she is a real virtuoso in it. Her name is Emily and she has her own bakery shop that is one of the most famous bakeries in the town. It is located on the central square and very often it is full of locals. Also, it is often visited by tourists because the locals recommend it very often and there are numerous great ratings about the place. Today starts the weekend and Emily is aware that she needs to make a bigger number of pastries because the weather is wonderful which means that many people will be walking through the central square, but also the city will be visited by many tourists. Emily knows her job perfectly but she will surely need some help this weekend, so we are here to help her make more pastries than on another regular day. Making pastries is a real art, but we believe that you will learn fast, working together with our Emily. Let\'s see what is going on in Emily\'s bakery and enjoy the amazing scent of freshly baked pastry.

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