Tidy Up Time

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Everyone loves those big gatherings on the occasion of Thanksgiving, but in all that euphoria and happiness caused by the fact that in those moments we will be with our loved ones and with our families, it is as if we forget to mention all the work that is needed to organize those gatherings. On the one hand, there is cooking, which is an inevitable part of these meetings, and preparing the turkey is only one part because many other delicacies are being prepared, too. And, of course, tidying up the house. Even if we have not decided on decorating the house, everything should be cleaned and arranged because we have guests coming. And these preparations take a long time, so outside help would always be welcome.As the holiday approaches, Karen, Charles, and Betty decide it\'s time to clean their house before Thanksgiving. You have to put in order the items that are scattered around the house. Each of them has their part in cleaning and makes it devoted, but let\'s help them in their tasks so that they can enjoy the magic of the holidays.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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