Vanished in the Dark

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During his career, Detective Adam has faced various challenges and solved countless cases, some of which were difficult. It is his experience and success in work that brought Adam to his current case. Namely, detective Adam has the task of following one of the neighboring criminals in the country, but following him in the small and narrow streets in the center of the city, the criminal suddenly disappears. The whole situation seems strange, how does it happen? Detective Adam needs to find out where the criminal goes, so he begins to investigate the place where he lost sight of him. It is possible that the criminal has not disappeared without a trace, it is possible that there is some evidence of the place that will lead him in the right direction, or it may reveal the place where the criminal is hidden.Although detective Adam is a true professional, he will still need our help to solve this case. Let\'s go to the place where the trace of this criminal is lost and see if we can find something that will reveal him.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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