Letters from the Dark

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Witches, wizards, evil spirits, ghosts and who knows what else more. Those paranormal, magical or legendary creatures have some relations that are sometimes hard to follow for regular people like us. In this game we will make friends with three witches so let\'s see what is going on there.The witch Ashley, together with her two assistants Melissa and Stephany, arrive at one strange place. The place is strange but the reason why they are there is even stranger. Namely, the evil spirit has left few letters there, including guidance and tasks that need to be fulfilled, in order to please their new master. Ashley, Melissa and Stephany have to find all the letters and the other stuff so let\'s take a look at the place and try to help them in their mission.You might feel scared at the beginning, from the whole story and the things that are actually going on, but the witch Ashley, and her two assistants Melissa and Stephany are very friendly witches, so you won\'t feel uncomfortable in any moment. Let\'s take a sneak into their world of magic and paranormal things.

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