Scary Urban Legend

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Probably every neighborhood has its own urban legends. Sometimes it is about the last house in the street that is abandoned but the neighbors still hear strange noises; then the lonely man that doesn\'t speak with anyone so the neighbors know, or maybe invent, numerous unpleasant stories about him; the old lady that lives with numerous cats and so on.Seems that actually there are certain archetypes that repeat in every neighborhood but are they true? That is something we will never know for sure. Rachel lives in a nice neighborhood, but that doesn\'t count for the old abandoned house in that same surroundings. Namely, everything is great in this neighborhood.It is not very far, the people are friendly, the location is great, so Rachel would like to live here even when she will start to live alone, without her parents. And that is all good, just that she has chosen exactly the abandoned house for her future home. Her family is against that decision because of the rumors about the ghost that lives in the house and kills everyone that enters into the house. Is that true? We will find out very soon.

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