Cursed Relics

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Curses, do you actually believe in them? They are usually more present in the stories then in real life but still, some nonenveloped countries or places, where the science and the technology are not that advanced, base some of the happenings around them on curses. They explain certain harms or injuries as being a result of someone’s prayers or invocations.And besides the curses, there are also people who know how to deal with them and break them… Christopher is an archaeologist but he also has another dedication. He is interested and specializes in lifting curses as well. When someone is actually cursed, Christopher knows how to break the curse and bring everything to normal, putting an end to the bad luck that follows the cursed person.Today Christopher is on a mission in Egypt, together with his companions. Some of the locals broke into the pyramids, stole valuable relics and took them outside. It turns out that the relics are cursed and they brought a terrible drought that destroyed all of the crops but it also brought a sickness that plagued the locals. Christopher must lift the curse in order to save the people and the crops.

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