Secrets of Greenfield Manor

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Rich and wealthy people are always target of the criminals. The people who like to take advantage from someone’s many years of work and labor, find imprudent ways for doing their criminal acts like making robberies, stealing goods or kidnapping someone. Luckily, the professionals know their job good, so they manage to find the criminals bring the goods back where they belong.Arthur and Rebecca are private investigators that have been called by a wealthy family to investigate their manor. It is about a large and very beautiful house with lands that was robbed last night. Even though the property was well secure, they reported missing jewelry and other expensive objects. Unfavorable circumstance in the situation is that the security cameras never caught anyone entering nor exiting the manor, which makes the case more complicated.It\'s up to the detectives to solve this mysterious robbery, but first of all they need to explore the whole manor, so they could find some evidences and find the starting point for their actual investigation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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