Invisible Gang

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We may say that at some point of their existence, all criminal gangs are invisible. No, we are not talking about something paranormal or so, just that when the criminals make their gang, their initial intention is to stay invisible for the public, so they could perform their criminal acts without being noticed, and of course, caught. However, there are not a lot of gangs that manage to stay invisible since the police knows its job really good and sooner or later, the justice will reach everyone.
Dorothy and Paul are relatives that live on the Wild West. Their homes and their properties are located one across the other and few days ago they were victims of the so-called invisible gang. This invisible gang has taken so many valuable objects from their houses, including golden coins. With aim to find out as soon as possible who is responsible for this robbery, Dorothy and Paul have started a search and they have managed to track down the gang.
Now they have to search carefully and find their stolen personal belongings and money.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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