Dreamers Curse

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Every night, when we dream, we dream a different dream. Ok, sometimes it seems that it is the same dream but usually it is not; it\'s only about a similar dream on a similar topic or so. And there are many discussions about the origin of our dreams. Most of the times they are explained as a reaction of our subconscious to the things that happen in the reality, while other experts go even further, explaining dreams as remembering of our past lives... In the following game there is one new theory about a place where the dreams are created. It seems like it is some kind of a dream factory that sends dreams to people while they are sleeping. And when there is some crash in the factory, people call experts to deal with it. And what if someone makes a mess in the dream factory?That\'s exactly what happened here, so now people all around the world have lost their pleasant dreams and have only nightmares. That\'s why the sorceress Olivia, the good witch Ann and their good friend Arthur are at the place. They have a task to find all lost objects from this place and bring them back where they belong. That\'s how people will get their calm dream back.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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