Secrets of Prison Castle

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Even though more often we relate castles to the royal families, those places were also used as prisons in the past, while later, in our times, many of them are preserved as historical monuments or turned into hotels, visited by numerous tourists. But now, we are traveling into the past, in the time of the brave knights, so let’s see what is this adventure about.The brave knights Melissa and Jonathan come in the prison – castle, a place that has been abandoned for many years and there are no more prisoners there. They are here with the intention to find out the objects that have been stolen from the king few years ago.Those objects were stolen by some prisoner and no one could find them yet. The two knights are leaded by the thought that since this man was in the prison, he learnt all the secret places in the prison-castle, so they are prepared to look all hidden places and hope that they will find what they are looking for.Let’s see how a medieval prison looks like and learn something more about the brave knights who are leading this important mission.

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