Summer on the Farm

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The life is probably the biggest mystery. Numerous questions that need to be answered, numerous decisions that need to be made, numerous choices that need to be done. And according to those acts, we determinate the life cycle and built our destiny. And some acts are done by intuition while others ask for deeper thinking, but both of them are very important...Miranda likes to spend this summer on a farm in Tuscany. That is the place where her grandmother lives and Miranda simply adores this place. However, this summer seem to be crucial for her life cycle. She likes to decide if she will get employed or if she will continue her education in college. Miranda hopes that she will make this decision that will have a huge influence on her life, here on the farm.The thinking is one thing but at the same time, Miranda would like to spend some time with her most beloved grandmother. She would also like to feel once again the scent of her childhood, followed by a hot chicken soup in the morning.

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