Soulmates Forever

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Frank is madly in love with his wife Maria. They are in marriage for fifteen years. That is not only 15 years of life together, but 15 years of love, understanding, butterflies, travels and a lot of adventures together. Frank works as a psychologist and he knows very well that love must be nourished to be alive, to last. If you don\'t put enough love and devotion, you will surely be a witness of something dying. And, who wants that? Very often, we think that all you need is just to love someone and to tell that person that you do, but actually you should show people you care about each other.Small gestures, little presents can tell a lot about your love and the person next to you will cherish that. They say, don\'t you ever forget to love each other! Sometimes put in the boring everyday life, we forget to give our precious time to the beloved.Now, let\'s go back to Frank and Maria\'s love. Frank wants to surprise his wife with a new song that he wrote. He plays wonderfully guitar and wants to make this thing at his wife\'s favorite place. We are sure you already started melting before hearing Frank\'s love song.

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