Western Outlaws

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Silverton is a small town situated in the state of Colorado. It is a peaceful place where people respect each other, they appreciate one another and help each other whenever help is needed. But, one day this situation ends up when a gang of outlaws decides to break this balancfe and bring anxiety at home. They started to organize robbers of banks, of companies, to maltreat local people. These outlaws were too dangerous to bare and very well organized so no one could enter their trace.But, luckily, there are intelligent people who have the skills to make this problem be solved. There are three detectives that have dedicated their time and expertise to help Silverton\'s locals bring their peace right again. Walter, Katherine and Samuel are tracking a gang of outlaws through the Wild west. They managed to follow their trail leading to a town called Silverton, Colorado. Their objective is to investigate the town, find the outlaws and get the reward from their bounty.The mission of people who work to safe other people\'s peace and act as peacekeepers is noble and they should get the best that is possible from the society. Now, it\'s up to you to help Walter, Katherine and Samuel be the heroes of Silverton.

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