Dangerous Campsite

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Camping is one of the best outdoor activities but at the same time, it is an activity that asks you to be prepared for doing it because coping in a completely natural environment, asks for little knowledge and experience. We are not sure if our group had that knowledge and experience, but here is the fact that they went on the expedition a couple of days ago but they never reached their determined destination. Those guys are lost somewhere in the mountains, looking for a way how can they come back to a safe destination. Kevin, on the other hand, accompanied by his dog Max, has been assigned to find and rescue this group of missing hikers. Kevin found their campsite and it\'s up to him to find out what really happened to the missing group. He is experienced and he knows how to manage, under those circumstances, so he starts his rescuing mission.Let\'s help Kevin on his mission and try to be as effective as possible in the search for the group of hikers. We hope that we will find them as soon as possible.

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