Desert Legends

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Books are a man\'s best friend because if you love reading books, you will never be alone. Apart from this, the other great thing in life is traveling. What if we combine the two? This is the story of a writer and an adventurist Judy who packs her bags any time she lacks an inspiration for her next big adventure book. It is the journey of a woman on a mission to find inspiration.Judy is now ready to write her new adventure novel. She decides to pack her bags again and this time head to the Sahara Desert to explore the legends that are linked to this desert. There are myths and legends about a lost ancient oasis hidden in the Sahara Desert and Judy hopes that finding more about them could help her adventure writing.She begins her adventurous experience under the guidance of the local Ahmed who leads her through the desert. The drive to seek out the unknown is what\'s behind many people\'s urge to travel. If you are interested in pursuing your own adventurous writing and exploring the Sahara legends join Judy and help her find all the hidden items which will unveil the desert legends.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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