Storm Survival

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that very often. She uses every free time to spend it outdoor, even if that means going alone in the mountain and camping on her own. Many of us can\'t even imagine doing that, but Anna does it with a lot of pleasure and without any fear. As a matter of fact, she gets her strength from nature, and she knows really well how to manage in all conditions and circumstances.Anna went camping again. She went alone, and she was pretty sure that everything would be just fine when suddenly a storm started. The storm overran the place where he was camping, but she handled the situation. However, today, Anna has to find all her personal belonging because last night the storm and the wind took them somewhere away.Let\'s follow Anna on her camping trip and help her deal with the unexpected situation. We should look for the lost objects together with her, and let\'s hope that we will find everything she lost last night.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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