My New Farm

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We live in modern times when it becomes harder and harder to imagine our lives far from civilization. All institutions are in the cities and the populated places, the schools, the places where we buy basic groceries, including other things necessary for life. Maybe we imagine living somewhere in nature, far away from civilization, but we are aware that it is hard in this world where we are always in a rash. One year ago, Jessica sold her old farm. Somehow, she started believing that she was over with farming, but now it seems that it is not true.Very soon, Jessica realized that she was wrong, so her love for farming made her consider buying a new farm. Now, Jessica knows that she can\'t imagine her life without a farm, so she buys a new one. She knows that she will enjoy every moment spent there while doing all the responsibilities related to farming. Let\'s visit Jessica on her farm and see what is happening there. Maybe you will love what you see but maybe not. In these times, many people are frightened by the idea to do farming, while others believe that it is the best thing in the world. Let\'s see the place and find out what expects us there.

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