Perfect Getaway

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Unfortunately, most of us have stressful lives. The modern living has made us eager for money so we are always in a run for more. More money so we could buy the latest products of the modern technology, more money for fancy vacation, more money for a bigger house, more money for better education of our kids and so on. It seems that the chasing last forever since there is always something new that needs to be reached and obtained. However, it often happens that people don\'t have enough time to enjoy in what they have because they are busy all the time.On the other hand, if people are that busy, it is always good to appreciate their free time and use it just for themselves. Some of us like to enjoy their time home – reading or watching movies. Others like to take short walks with their families but going on a shorter or longer trip is definitely a great option for everyone!After a stressful week, Natalie planned to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. She will go there with her boyfriend Dan and they both like to spend some time there and just breathe the fresh mountain air. Also, after so much job at work, she wanted to spend some quality time with him. That\'s why she rented a small and cozy mountain house.

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