My Besties Wedding

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The wedding of the best friend is as big thing as our wedding too! Yes, we are not marrying someone, we don\'t pay money for the wedding and similar things but the excitement is also huge. Usually the best friends are involved in the process of organization of the wedding so the excitement is always there.And besides just being a best friend of the ones that get married, being a maid of honor is another very important role in the wedding. It is about the principal bridesmaid that usually, together with the best man, are the formal witnesses for the wedding license. However, the role of the maid of honor is far more than formal. This girl is usually in charge for organizing the bachelorette\'s night, but also for the wedding ceremony. The bride organizes the biggest part but many important things like the decoration of the wedding place, the flowers and so, are picked by the maid of honor.Kathy for example, is the maid of honor at Jessica\'s wedding. Jessica is Kathy\'s best friend, she loves and appreciates her friend very much and that\'s why Kathy wants to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. She likes to take care of everything, so that her best friend and her husband enjoy the most beautiful day of their lives.

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