Secret Notebook

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Most people go through life experiencing daily thoughts and feelings, noticing and observing the world around them. But writers record these thoughts and observations. They react. Most writers have at least one old notebook lying around somewhere, full of old story ideas, interesting characters, enchanting locations, or a bunch of scribbled thoughts.The famous romantic novelist Elizabeth Wilson, known as the indisputable queen of the romance genre, has such a notebook. They say that the best romance novelists are writers who draw readers in with a beautiful love story and keep them interested with compelling details. Betty, Susan and Paul are such readers enchanted by her novels. So they decide to visit her house to read all of her books.But, accidently they discover that she had a secret notebook where she wrote her story ideas. We all know that romance novels are fun, sexy and incredibly popular, but this secret book is assumed to be even beyond that. The three friends want to find this secret notebook because they believe is invaluable, meaning priceless.

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