Enchanted Dream

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Dreams can be very strange. Usually there is some explanation of each dream. Psychiatrists even talk about someone\'s personality according to his dreams, but sometimes it really seems that those dreams were just dreams, without any subtext.The following game is about Melissa, just a normal girl whose last dream has made her think a bit more about it. Her last dream was very strange. Namely, Melissa is in the house where she lives now but in her dream the whole house is ruined. She can\'t escape the dream; she can\'t wake up before she completes something. Melissa has to find all her personal belongings if she likes to wake up from this dream. Otherwise, she will stay living in this dream, without any other chance to go away.When we think about it, it sounds really strange to live in a dream. Living the dream may sound great but not literary, that is for sure. Let\'s help Melissa find her personal belongings and help bring her back in real life, before it becomes too late for that.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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